Bring Your Day Of The Dead Alive

day of the dead party, día de muertos fiesta Image

I feel like a day of the dead party would be a lot of fun, come on, a bunch of colors, papers, flowers and smiling sugar skulls, what could be better?

Bring your day of the dead alive!

  • Be inspired by the colors, the more the better.
  • I love the idea of ribbons hanging from trees and adding a little something to ceilings.
  • You can find sugar skulls in some of the local Latino stores, but if you can’t find any..

day of the dead party, día de muertos fiesta Image

  • Decorate cookies or create a cake inspired by the day of the dead. Check out pictures one and two, I’m in love with these ideas!

day of the dead party, día de muertos fiesta Image

  • Garlands of flowers look so pretty in that garden, cempasúchitl is the flower usually used for this celebration but I wouldnt worry too much about the type of flower.
  • An altar of the dead does not necessarily have to be about someone you know, you can be inspired by someone that you admire, like Frida’s altar on photo number four. You can include it as part of your party decoration too.
  • For some reason I feel like any colorful scarf or shawl can be used for the day of the dead.
  • Tissue paper is the most used paper to create the famous Day of the Dead flags. Last year I made some for my little altar and for the porch, I love that you can choose lots and lots of colors.

I love how the day of the dead is full of traditions but can also be applied to so many modern ideas and concepts. What about you guys? Any awesome day of the dead plans for this fall?

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  1. Paula Ugalde says:

    Está increíble lo de día de muertos! En verdad precioso!!!!!

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