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DIY: Reusing An Old Window

DIY Window Art Image

It’s ready! I’m finally enjoying this window frame hanging on my porch, I can see it from my office and it looks great! I’m so excited, I have been working on this for months, well, just whenever I had time and thought about it, no wonder it took forever haha, but now that It’s ready I need to say that I’m really proud of it, I just love all the colors and the best part is that it’s giving me a bit of privacy from the street. Check out the process. Hope you like it!


  • An old window frame
  • Paint
  • Chain
  • 4 cup hooks
First, I went to a flea market and found an ugly and broken window, the only good thing about it was the price, $5 bucks!
Since some of the glass was a bit broken, I decided to ahead and remove it all. I was really careful removing the glass, it was a bit scary. Be Careful and wear glasses/gloves if you do this.

DIY Window Art Image

1. I used  gloves, a piece of fabric, glasses and a hammer.
2. The fabric helps to minimize any of those dangerous flying pieces of glass. Cover the glass with the fabric and gently hit the fabric with the hammer. I put a piece of cardboard under the window frame to make cleaning up a bit easier.
3. Wearing gloves, remove any excess of glass. I found some mini pieces inside the window frame that could really be dangerous later on.
4. Clean it and sand it before painting.

DIY Window Art Image

Paint the window. Personalize it, draw a design or use some bold color(s). I bought some wall paint samples with a glossy finish, they worked really well.

DIY Window Art Image

I made some flowers using stamps and I loved the effect.

Painting with Stamps Image

Add some polycrylic finish to protect the window from the sun, water, dust, etc.

Painting Polyacrilic Image

Material Window Image

When everything is dry, put two hooks in the window and the other two in the porch.

Window Art Crafts Image

Window Art Crafts Image

Hang the window and enjoy!

Window Porch Image

Have you ever done something like this? What do you have hanging in your windows?

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