Things You Need To Know: Bedroom Decor

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The bedroom should be a relaxing place where you can go at the end of the day and feel comfy and ready to sleep. There are some characteristics about it that can be helpful, like the color of the walls, the organization of the furniture and lighting. If you want to transform your bedroom into a more pleasant place, don’t think you have to make big changes to get there, small details can make a huge difference in your home.

First you need to look at your bedroom the way it is normally so you can understand how things are working now, perhaps what you need is a new bed or an extra bedside table for night time reading, think more than anything about what you do in your bedroom.

After you take a look at your space, make a list. This will help you to create a remodeling plan and avoid unnecessary purchases and lost time. The list should contain the following:

  • What I like about my bedroom and don’t want to change.
  • What I don’t like and I can improve.
  • What I don’t need anymore and I should throw or give away.
The objective of this transformation must be to organize the space, recycle elements that are still useful and add your own style to your room.

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Things you need to know to transform your bedroom

  • Your bedroom before being pretty should be functional. The bed is the most important piece of furniture to think about, try to make it a comfortable and relaxing area.
  • Not all people need a bedside table. Since we have a small bedroom, we use two mini drawers on the sides of the bed for extra storage, but there are some other creative and inexpensive ideas like using a chair or a step stool as a bedside table, I would love to do that.
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  • Paint the walls in a calm and soft color, if you want a light and relaxing room, I like white, light grays and browns. If you want a more dramatic effect choose darker tones like dark gray or navy blue. Darker colors can be stylish and glamorous while lighter colors can make a room feel more relaxing and open. Create your own style!
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  • It’s always nice to add a piece of art or a picture above the bed, try to not overload the room, go for the magical kind of art that would make you dream.
  • It’s well know that less electronics inside the bedroom will help you sleep better. So try to keep the phone, alarm clock, chargers, computers, ipads and other electronics away from the bed. Do you really need them in the bedroom? Try to leave them across the room where they are less distracting.
  • You don’t need a lots of  light in the bedroom and the main overhead lighting should be indirect, so try to add just a few lighting fixtures and not overdo it. At night I only use the lamps we have on the bed side tables, I love that cozy effect.
  • Adding some fresh flowers can be a romantic detail and a perfect seasonal touch.
  • I love curtains in the bedroom, I feel that they add a romantic feeling, my favorite fabrics are silk and cotton. Find some curtains that are easy to open and close so you can easily take advantage of the natural light that comes through your windows in the morning.
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Clean and organize the space before you start making changes, that will help you see the space in a different way and get rid of all those things you no longer use. Follow your tastes and use your interests to bring your personality into your space, look for images online, inspiration in magazines or in the homes of friends, all this will help you to understand your tastes and find your own style.
You can use one of these tips, two, three or all of them, the best thing is that in decoration and design you are always right, each of our homes has a way of being and functioning depending on our activities and tastes.

What are some of your tips and decorating tricks?

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    I like that you mentioned that a bedroom needs to be functional and comfortable above all else. I love the idea of making your bedroom beautiful with decor, but it shouldn’t be so flashy or fancy that it is hard to relax. My wife and I have been struggling with choosing how to decorate our bedroom. I will have to pass this along to her, thanks!

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