Celebrating Color With: Betseyville

Betseyville Mexico House, Image

From the first time I saw her collections and designs I fell in love with her originality, craziness, security and excessive spontaneity and energy, I just imagined that one day I would love to jump and scream wearing pink pants, a blue t-shirt and some lime green boots just because. I love Betsey Johnson’s unique personality!

Betsey Johnson  discovered Zihuatanejo, Mexico almost by accident, some friends told her she should visit this area,  a small fishing village, located in southwest Mexico. She stayed in this hotel with three rooms, and the next morning she was begging the owner to sell her the property. She changed the name to “Betseyville” which is also the name of her line of accessories and turned these small mexican paradise into a representation of herself, bright colors, whimsical and wild prints, colorful curtains, nature, textures and many local crafts. So much color!

Check out this colorful and fun bungalows, be inspired by the crazy combination of colors and textures.

Betseyville Mexico House Image

The key in these colorful spaces is the use of complementary colors combinations. The combination of the walls painted in one color and the accessories in another while using patterns and other elements to add texture to the room, creates a unique effect like the one seen in Betsey Johnson designs. If you feel that these spaces are a bit too much but you still love the colorful effect, imagine using just one bright color and natural textures like wood, fabric, plants, the perfect combo for a colorful but harmonious space.

Betseyville Mexico House Image

Betseyville Mexico House Image

* Photos. My daily / Design Wonderland / Hookedonhouses

Wouldn’t you love to have this fantastic look in your home?

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