Housewarming Gift Ideas

Alright so somebody you know just moved to a new house, and now you have to get them a housewarming gift, what? Some friends and my brother in law just bought new houses, not together, just around the same time, and now I have to look into housewarming presents! The two things that come to mind is buying flowers or a bottle of wine, but really aren’t those a little boring? There are so many things people need when they are new homeowners or just moving to a new house, I’m not sure giving them flowers that will be trash in a couple days or wine that probably will not help their moving productivity should be the only options!
I hate when people give me advice about gifts, I’ve honestly never had someone give me a gift suggestion that I can actually afford, come on, I have found myself buying things that I would never buy for my own house just because I feel pressured into giving them something special, and honestly I’m pretty sure most of these expensive gifts are never used. So I try and look for gift ideas that anyone can fit into their budget, things that will actually be used, but don’t need to be taken care of like flower vases, pictures frames and candles, honestly who can say they have too many candles?

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10 Housewarming Gifts Ideas

1. Bookshelves or bookends are a great and useful ideas / Invisible Double Bookshelf – Urban Outfitters
2. When  someone is decorating a new home there can never be too many picture frames / Mirrored frames – Westelm
3. Something interesting like a mini sculpture never hurts / Oversized Chain Sculpture – Target
4. Candle holders, for all those dinners to come / Zeolite Taper Holder – Anthropologie
5. Everybody loves plants, go for something small and easy like a terrarium or a bonsai / Teardrop Hanging Air Plant – Etsy
6. I love this photo book. Somebody gave us one when we moved, it’s a great coffee table’s book / Photo box – Amazon
7. Flowers vases are really helpful, look for something that matches their style or just a neutral design / Bowl Vases – Macys
8. Cocktails shakers are a great gift, even if they don’t drink much, they can be helpful when they have guest in their new home / Stripes Cocktail shaker – Pottery Barn
9. Candles are neutral and a great detail, one of my favorite ideas / Festive glow – Yankee Candle
10. Doggie butts might not be the best choice but everyone needs a place to hang the key to their new home, right? / Bastis – Ikea

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