Celebrating Color with: Kris Tate

Kris Tate Illustrations Image

Kris Tate Illustrations Image

How awesome are Kris Tate’s illustration? I found them last week when I was surfing around facebook and I fell in love with them. So bright and colorful, they grabbed my attention immediately. Seeing Kris Tate’s illustrations is like seeing nature in a magical way, I enjoy all the geometrical details that give them an ethnic vibe. My favorites are Fiesta and Poncho, so much fun! They remind me of the colorful textiles from southern Mexico, by the way I found out that Kris Tate is from Guatemala, she said that she finds inspiration in all the animals she loves and the places where she has lived. I am totally digging her inspiration, I love it, hope you like it too!

*Photos via. Ohh Deer / Kris Tate

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