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DIY: Personalized Gift Bags

Kraft paper and glitter gift wrapping images

A few days ago I talked about how much I love the earthy eco look of natural kraft paper, well what could be better than kraft paper bags and glitter for wrapping gifts this Christmas?

I used letters because I wanted to personalize each bag with the first letter of my family and friends names. Don’t want to use letters? Make some other shape. A bow or heart would look adorable!

Kraft paper and glitter gift wrapping images

Kraft paper bags
Paint brushes
Pipe cleaners
Letter stencils (No necessary)

1. Use the stencil like a guide and add glue with a paint brush. If you are not using stencils just draw a shape with a paint brush.
2. Add the glitter and wait until it’s dry.
3. Instead of a bow you can add a cute detail making curls with pipe cleaners.

And now you are ready to fill your gift bags with love and pretty things.

Happy colorful Christmas!

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