Inspiration Boards: Color, Patterns, Fashion

I adore inspiration boards! Just last friday afternoon I changed the one I have in my work space. I like to keep things that inspire me nearby,  a lot of them are different color combinations I love or original designs and spaces. I try to add new things to my inspiration board every month and I have to say that its always a lot of fun, Kyra loves when i’m pinning all these images on the board, she loves playing with all the cut up pieces of magazines and papers i leave lying around, I think it reminds her of when she was a puppy and I used to work on a lot of models and had lots and lots of scraps on the floor, she was so little that sometimes I couldn’t find her inside all that mess. Now when she sees me updating my board she thinks we are playing,, its sooo cute.

Anyway, looking around I found these breathtaking photo shoots. The colors are fantastic, the drama, textures and all those lovely faces. I’m loving them for my new inspiration board.

One of my favorite issues of all times, Vogue Italia, december 2007 by Steven Meisel. Vogue patterns.

Vogue Italia Patterns december 2007 images

*Photos credit. Lovely Rita Blog

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