I Want Christmas Lights At My Wedding!

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When I was taking down all the Christmas decorations I took a strip christmas lights that I used on my cute Christmas tree and I hung them around my inspiration board above my desk, I don’t know if its the magic, the joy, the creativity or all those sparkles but those little lights make me feel happy and creative all day long. So, it doesn’t surprise me that lights and candles are one of the most used and favorite elements people want to include in their weddings and other special events. Light expresses love, passion, hope, and a beginning of a bright new adventure!

5 party tips:

1. Try out Christmas lights a few days before your special event.
2. Before hanging them on the walls, look for the nearest outlet so you have an idea of how to start organizing them before you hang them. I like to decorate with them while they are on so I can make sure they are all working.
3. Lights really thinly spaced or with a lot of space between them create a different look, which one do you like more?
4. Add a transparent fabric to diffuse the light a bit and help hide all the the wires, it looks really romantic!
5. To hang the lights on a wall, you can use nails or some masking tape, the masking tape might be a little easier, but you might need to use a good amount of tape.

I hope you can create the day of your dreams! If you have any other question or some more tips feel free to contact me.

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