An Inspiring Office Space

Office spaces inspiration

 *Photo credit: Hangers / Scandinavian Deco

Hopefully someday I will have a nice and big workspace where I can throw everything around and be creative, right now i’m using a small corner in our apartment and although its pretty cute I need to be really organized so everything fits, put everything I have been working on inside folders and put them away at night, It doesn’t sound that bad but I hate it, I’m one of those people that love messy workspaces full of new ideas everywhere. So I’m dreaming about the day I’ll move to a bigger space where everything fits and I can get my hands dirty without feeling worried about leaving big paint stains on the carpet.

The most exciting part about dreaming for a new workspace is the way I would definitely fill it with inspirational images and doodles. What would you do if you had the workspace of your dreams? Let’s dream together.

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