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DIY: How To Make A Doggie Bed

Como hacer una cama para perros

Hello guys! Today I want to share a cute diy project that will make your best friend comfy and happy.

Lets make a doggie bed!

I had this idea when I was looking for dog beds and I saw how expensive they can be, more if you are looking for something cute that fits your doggie’s personality,  I wanted something pink with flowers or bows and I couldn’t find anything for less than $25 but then I had this idea that end up costing me less than $5 bucks and the best part, Kyra adores it! no seriously, she hasn’t gotten up from her new bed all day.

How to make a doggie bed diy images


  • An old pillow
  • Fabric
  • Thread and needle
  • Scissors
  • Sewing machine

What we are gonna do is cover an old pillow with some pretty fabric. I found this cute black and white felty fabric, really soft and the perfect camouflage for stains.

Cut the fabric to the size of the pillow.

Do you remember my tutorial for interchangeable pillows? well, you can use same process to make this doggie bed. Sew the fabric inside out and on the edges. I love doing this because then I can take the pillow cover off and wash it whenever I want.

How to make a doggie bed diy images

When it is ready, add a little detail to make it cuter. I made a bow using a piece of pink fabric and a button. To make the bow: Fold a piece of fabric in a straight line and make the bow shape using your hands, when it is ready, take the needle and thread and wrap the thread around a few times and sew through it, this is a quick way to make sure the bow doesn’t come undone. When the bow is ready, add the button. Add the bow to the bed using a clothespin, so you can take it off if you need to.

How to make a doggie bed and a bow diy images


I love it! I can’t believe I finished this project in less than an hour.

Buy a cute fabric that reminds you of your doggie and some other accessories that you can attach to the bed to make it look more fun like ribbons, patches, and other kinds of fabric. This doggie bed is really comfortable and functional, a great easy diy project!

Hope you like it! xoxo, Elba.

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