The Art Of Flowers: January Inspiration

The art of flowers by Mandy Majerik images january

Yesterday I was looking for some ideas for seasonal centerpieces, I have been feeling like adding something nice in our house to start out the new year with something beautiful to brighten the winter and the absence of flowers in the garden. I saw some flowers in the store but I left without buying them, I didn’t have any idea of what kind of flowers, greenery or vase would really represent the month of January. January is a difficult month for arrangements, well at least I feel like that, I just don’t have a lot of ideas for the month except for just using the same old flowers and colors as if it was spring already. So I did some investigating and found all these awesome seasonal creations and I fell in love. The video of Mandy Majerik for Majesh wholesale florist gave me an idea of something I would love to try one of these days, the lace leaf dusty miller, flocked branches, agapanthus, white hydrangea, white anemones, oscularia succulents and those hanging crystals look so beautiful together, this arrangement brings to mind a bit of cold, ice and a glamorous New Year as inspiration, the perfect idea for the month.

Look for the month of July, you’ll love it too!

Learning more about flowers and arrangements is one of my goals for 2013, I’m excited about trying some new things soon! xoxo, Elba

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