Celebrating Color With: Yuko Takada Keller

Yuko Takada Kellers installation images

Yuko Takada Kellers art images

I find the work of paper artist Yuko Takada Keller so beautiful and interesting, it’s something about the transparency, lightness and the tiny small pieces in her work that make me feel like it’s floating. I think I’ve said more than once how much I love tiny things creating big things, well, Yuko Takada’s work is like a dream come true, little molecules floating around, by they way they are little pieces of paper. Pretty amazing, right?

Yuko Takada Kellers paper love images

Tracing paper has a transparency and an untransparency.
I’m interested in how tracing paper is like a skin membrane.
The skin membrane lies between dream and reality.
The skin membrane lies between consciousness and behavior.
The skin membrane is there when life is born.
The skin membrane is part of a human being.
I want to represent the space that people are aware of
The skin membrane is unconsciousness.

Yuko Takada Kellers

*Photos credit. Yuko Takada

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