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DIY: How to Make a Unique Tire Swing

diy recycled tire swing

So i’m back in town! My vacation was awesome, I enjoyed every second I had with my family and friends and we had a great party for my dad’s 50th birthday. From the moment I got to Mexico I didn’t stop moving. It had been a year since I had gone back so I had a big list of things to do, between dinners with friends, organizing my dad’s party and a photo shoot that a good friend helped me with for my jewelry (that I will share with you soon) the days flew by, it happened so fast. Although I was busy I had a lot of fun, I hanged around the town I used to live when I was a kid, I saw a lot of old friends and went to places I used to visit just to remember old times.
One day we went to eat at La casa del Abuelo, a local restaurant, I was craving panuchos that btw were delicious, that is where I found these awesome swings made out of old tires. I loved the idea so much I took some pictures for do it yourself inspiration. Then the next day I drove by the local market and saw a guy selling them on the street, I was tempted to buy one just because they looked so cute. The guy put a cord through a tree and hung a couple of swings, they were all colorful, painted in different color combinations, it was candy for my eyes, they looked so much fun for a little kid.
I’m kind of sad I used all my old tires for other projects, but I just need to wait to pop another one so I can save it, clean it, cut it, paint it and make a cute recycled swing. The cool part is that they are pretty safe, well, they are a chair made out of tire’s. So they should be pretty strong.

I don’t have the steps but you can see the way they cut the tire to made the shape, the tire is one piece just cut and flipped inside out.

Columpios Hechos Con Llantas2

Maybe a big truck tire will work for adults haha, omg I want to swing in one of those so badly!

Hope you have a great weekend. Enjoy this project inspiration and if you try it send us the pictures. xoxo Elba.

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