Soft Yellow Walls

Pastel yellow walls6

Image credit. Lemon sorbet / Benjamin Moore

Some weeks ago I wrote a guest article for a latino magazine, zona glam, I talked about interior decorating with pastels, an upcoming spring trend. So while I was searching for my favorite pastel tones, I ran into a beautiful soft yellow tone by Benjamin Moore named lemon sorbet. (picture above)

Lemon sorbet is a pastel yellow tone with a refreshing touch. Inspired by this lovely color I went looking for more spaces using similar colors. Yellows can add a refreshing and happy feel to your room. A pastel tone would have the same effect but in softer doses and can work with colorful accessories that would pop and add some fun to your decorations.

Color Combo Tips:

  • Use orange and blue tones as complements for an amazing contrast plus harmony in the design.
  • Yellow with grays and browns are always a winner color combination .

Pastel yellow walls4

Image credit. Asapela

Looking for a bit of fun but a calmer color for your walls? a pastel yellow could be the answer for you!

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