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DIY: Make a Heart Keychain or Necklace

Tutorial How To Make a Keychain Images

Do you want to know what two awesome things are you can make with some wire, beads and a piece of suede? A keychain or a friendship necklace or both!!

So we are getting closer to valentines day and I wanted to make this cute diy with a heart.

First, the materials you will need are wire, I used craft wire 22 gauge, needle nose pliers, wire cutter, suede and a key ring. This project is pretty simple and if you don’t have pliers, you can use normal scissors to cut the wire.
Make a Love Keychain Materials

1. Cut the wire. I used approximately 10 inches and made a simple heart shape before I cut the wire so I would know about how much wire I would need.
3. Start putting the beads on the wire.
4. When you are done, close the heart and tie the ends of the wire together.
5. Now to add a finishing touch, loop the wire around a couple of times and hide it inside the beads.

Make a Love Keychain Steps

Now you are ready to add some suede to make the necklace or use the keychain to make the keychain. I used the same amount of suede,35 inches, so both options used the same amount of material.




Hope you LOVE it!
Spread the love, share and have a lovely craft filled afternoon! Xo. Elba

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