Bohemian Spaces with Pastel Pink Walls

Pastel pink walls

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All I see around during this season are pink bunnies, soft yellow birds, and other cute pastel animals. So what if you get inspired to paint your home with one of these spring colors? What if we choose pastel pink? A couple of years ago i would tell you that i wasn’t into pastel pink at all, but we change everyday, right? Now that I help people look for colors for their homes that fit their personalities, I need to be flexible and open to new ideas and opportunities. Like the other day, I was working with a couple that was looking into a dark green palette. I used to say, like with the pastel pink, that I didn’t like any green if it wasn’t lime. I have changed. We chose a deep dark green tone that makes their bedroom feel calm and natural, something I wasn’t expecting at all. I was so happy that I gave that new color a chance, I would definitely use it in the future.

Something I have learned is that I should never say never to something i haven’t tried. And that’s what I thought  when I found these rooms. I’m really into those bohemian pink palettes I would never have considered them in the past and i’m loving it! Soft pink walls look eclectic and ethnic adding colorful accessories and can be used in living rooms, bedrooms and other adult spaces, not just little girls bedrooms. Although pink bedrooms for girls are still one of my favorites and always adorable.

What do you think? Is there any color you like now that you wouldn’t have even looked twice at  in the past?

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  1. For a room, I would prefer lighter tones, the ones that would brighten up the room and make it look neat. I like these pastel pink rooms! They do look very pretty and girly! 🙂

  2. Laura says:

    its too light for me, but I do love a deep glowing raspberry pink….preferably with Moroccan

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