Butterflies on your Walls

Butterflies Wallpapers

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Are you starting to feel spring peeking around the corner where you live? I was looking at the weather on my cell phone a couple days ago, they said that after the last, and pretty much only, snow day this year in Asheville, it’s going to start getting warm and sunny. I couldn’t believe it,  but then it happened. Last weekend we enjoyed 65 degree weather, perfect days for a walk with sunglasses and a thin sweater. It was fantastic. And today I saw something cute, I opened the window and saw a new couple of birds nesting in our hanging plants, this will be the fifth bird family on our porch, i’m so excited! Spring is starting and I’m loving it.

Spring is so far my favorite season. I love seeing the birds outside the window, the flowers blowing and the butterflies flying here and there. I don’t know if I have said it before but I’m a butterfly person. I love their colors and shapes. I have collected butterfly stuff since I was little, earrings, necklaces and cute drawings. Then one day my husband called me “mariposita”, or butterfly in Spanish. He had learned the word in his Spanish class. It sounded funny and adorable is his accent that it just stuck. And my love for butterflies got bigger and bigger.

Butterfly patterns feel romantic, feminine and a bit nostalgic. I think the butterflies have a vibe that make you feel like if you’re floating and dreaming. I like the ones that are bright and almost look fake. Metallic blue and citric orange. I like the pastel colored butterflies too, but they just don’t have the same beauty that can keep me staring at those intensely bright butterflies for hours on end. So if I had to choose a wallpaper for my work space it would be something that illustrates the fun side of the butterflies, lots of colors and sizes or a gold background for a fancy touch. I love the huge wings too! That would definitely keep me smiling while I work.

Would you decorate your walls with your favorite animal?

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