Celebrating Color With: Aeropagita Prints

Aeropagita Prints Etsy Images

(From left to right. Petals /  Things hidden since creation / Aurora / The change / Waves breaking / Metallon)

 Last night I was hunting for beautiful things on etsy and I found Aeropagita Prints. Just the name made me smile, I love those words that stick in my head and sound like candy and this was one of those names. The cute part was when I read that Aeropagita was inspired by the name of Mishel’s grandma (Aeropagita). Thats when I thought, What a cool name and store!

Mishel is an artist and the shopkeeper for Aeropagita Prints. She describes her inspiring and lovely work as abstract, archival, inspiring, colorful, self help for your walls. I agree. It’s not only the colors that I love, but also the way they are connected and make me think about an abstract universe full of colorful petals playing around. I can’t resist to colorful goodies and more how they combine pinks, oranges and violets together.

Hope you enjoy Mishel’s work and the lovely stuff on Aeropagita store. Don’t forget to stop and say hello! xoxo, Elba.

*Source: Aeropagita Prints. Etsy / Facebook


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