Celebrating Color With: Geninne’s Art


I think I actually jumped when I saw Geninne’s email in my inbox, I asked her if I could post about her work and she told me she would be honored, I just couldn’t wait. I found her work while I was peeking around Barnes and Noble a couple weeks ago. Her book was one of those books that you open and find so many cute ideas and interesting tips that you just have to take it home with you. When I came back home I sat down with a cup of hot chai tea, a comfy blanket and I took my new book to the porch. I flipped through the pages like a little kid, glancing through everything in a second, trying to gobble up all those images with my eyes, then I took a breath closed the book and flipped to the first page again and really took my time and enjoyed all those beautiful pieces.

The next day I found her blog and her shop and found that there is so much more cute stuff in her art, illustrations, prints, pillows, stationery, jewelry and more.

Geninne Pillows

Her blog is a lovely place to find tips, pretty art and inspiration. Her stamp making tips have been really helpful.

These are some of the lovely pictures she shared in her blog:

Geninne's art, stamps and watercolors 8551658005_a628563d41_o 8495854806_4ae6d0ce77_o

My favorite piece, if I had to choose, would be the Frida watercolor illustration (the first image at the top) it actually makes me think of Frida, if she were a bird.

What’s your favorite? I know everything is so pretty, it’s really hard to choose. Xo, Elba.

Visit her in all these places:  blog / envelop / etsy

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  1. What beautiful work she has. I am in love with all the color.

  2. Oh my gosh, the stuff she does all make me drool! These are so beautiful! What an incredibly talented gal she is!

  3. janika R says:

    I love her work too. So colorful and creative.

  4. Laliv says:

    I love everything. The pillows are so cute.

  5. Geninne says:

    Muchísimas gracias por tu lindo post Elba 🙂

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