Citrus Craving for your Kitchen

Do you remember my last color decor post about the refreshing color lemon sorbet? Well, I received great comments about this color, I can see, yellow tones are definitely one of the most loved colors for living rooms. Yellow tones are happy and fun and they reminds us of a fresh lemonade on a hot summer day. Today I thought I would share another great color inspired by my citrus craving I’ve been having lately, orange!

One of the places I like seeing orange walls are kitchens, they look fresh, creative and add a warm feeling to the space. Orange also makes me hungry for some reason, it reminds me of my parents dining room walls, they are painted in a bright orange, almost red, tone, and look awesome.

I made these two color palettes using two different orange tones I would love to have in my dream kitchen. The first one is a mandarin tone, it would add a refreshing and charming sensation to any space. The second one is something closer to a terracotta, less bright, an earthy touch for ethnic and natural details. They both look fantastic!

Color Combo Tips:

Palette #1

  1. Wall Color. This mandarin tone is a refreshing color for a kitchen, it looks great in contemporary spaces, combining light wood tones and chrome appliances.
  2. To calm down the brightness of this bold color a bit the ceilings are painted in a sand tone. It adds the perfect amount of calm in the space, and keeps that brightness from getting too strong.
  3. Light wood tone for the bar.
  4. The chrome tone on the appliances and some other accessories help to create a modern and contemporary atmosphere.
  5. Plants and flowers always help to bring is some natural beauty, creating a happy and relaxed place to receive family and friends.

*Color source. Walls: Serape SW 6656 Interior-Exterior // Ceiling: Reserved White SW 7056 Interior-Exterior

Orange Walls for Kitchens

Palette #2

  1. This color has a hint of brown, so I would describe it as a bright terracotta tone. With this wall color I would love to add ethnic and rustic accessories to bring the space up to a whole new level.
  2. The ceilings are in a jícama tone, the calm color balances out the bright orange on the walls.
  3. Dark wood bar as a perfect focal point.
  4. Plants and fruit bowls splash the room with fun colors and create a lovely place.
  5. Don’t forget to add some flowers!

*Color source.  Benjamin Moore. Walls: Fire dance 2171-20 // Ceiling: Jicama AF-315

Which palette was your favorite? Leave us your love or add some other color tips that have been working for you.

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