Holi, Festival Of Colors


So as a color lover I can’t help but get excited about a festival all about color!

Holi is hindu festival celebrating spring. This year it’s falling on march 27th, today! but there are also lots of regional festivities that take place in the weeks leading up to the event. Seeing all those energetic and happy faces full of colorful powder on the web made smile all night long and I just couldn’t resist looking for more.

One of the purposes of Holi is to celebrate the beginning of the spring, Hindus believe its just the perfect time to enjoy and celebrate with the colors of nature and spring.

 Holi, festival of colors India

As well, Holi has roots in Indian mythology. The story is kind of complicated and long, one of the reasons is because there are different regional rituals and meanings for the celebration that are a bit confusing and I wouldn’t want to mix things up. But what I know is that the word Holi was originated from “Holika“, sister of Hiranyakashipu. There are more interesting facts here.

Holi-2013 5

The coolest part is that the participants hold a bonfire and throw colored powder at each other. The result, a huge street party and colorful faces and people everywhere. Holi-2013 3

Holi-2013 4

Image credit. wikipedia / theholidayindia / holi2014

What do you think? Have you hear about Holi before?

Happy Holi! Xo, Elba.

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    These photos give me life! So colorful and inspiring!

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