Pre-Columbian American Patterns

Precolumbian America Patterns images

(Images credit. 1000 Patterns by Drusilla Cole)

Yesterday I was running some errands downtown, I finished faster than I thought and since i had some free time it occurred to me go and kill some time at the library. Then I found this amazing book about patterns. I think I have been passively obsessed with patterns all my life, but just recently I started thinking of them as more than just something I like. And then I was at the library in the art and design area and this big old book just popped out from the others. It was 1000 patterns by Drusilla Cole. I was amazed with all those images of patterns and techniques from all around the world. I just discovered that I love Polynesian and Persian textiles, not to mention china floral designs. But as always I came back to the my cultural origins as my favorite inspiration and here there are, some of the lovely, colorful and abstract natural elements of the pre-columbian american patterns. Aren’t they awesome?

Enjoy! Have an awesome weekend. xoxo Elba

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