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Jewel-by-Lisa-CollectionJewel by Lisa Collection spring  2013

I enjoyed the creative way that Jewel by Lisa, a fashion collection founded by the Nigerian designer Lisa Folawiyo, presented their beautiful pieces for the spring 2013. Seeing all those patterns and colors overlapped, in my point of view, not overwhelming at all, but visually interesting.

A big part of Lisa’s success has to do with the way she has modified and embellished the traditional Ankara fabrics into a luxury and exquisite pieces and made them available for the whole world.

I don’t know if you guys have heard about Ankara fabrics before. I knew for sure that African prints had something magical that I love, but I didn’t know that the actual name of those prints was Ankara.

The little I know about the Ankara fabrics is that although they reflect the African culture, they were originally made for the Indonesian textile market. But they got more famous in West Africa so the culture adopted them modifying the motifs for new ones that represent their cultural traditions.

You can go here and here for more detailed information.


*Hash brown Etsy / Tamiah Designs Etsy

I know guys, there is a story behind everything we own and see around the world, including those beautiful fabrics we wear everyday, I love finding those stories.

Enjoy Jewel by Lisa collection and those pretty Ankara prints. Have a lovely day. Xo. Elba

*Images. Jewel by Lisa 

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  1. Katy Watkins says:

    I absolutely adore these patterns, they’re so bold and abstract. I always think African women are stunning and they can pull off some things I never would be able to. So jealous!

  2. chelsea says:

    my eyes are crossing in a good way like whoa – thanks for sharing Elba! So cool!

  3. this is so gorgeous..great post!

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