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I was driving to the store the other day and saw lots of cars parked outside what I thought was just kind of scary warehouse. Although I had seen the giant sign on the front that says Antiques, I hadn’t dared to enter. It always looked empty from the outside and I had never seen what was happening inside. Besides, I had a feeling that things would be expensive and people would think I am weird if I spent hours looking through everything, something I tend to do a lot. That day I was driving with a friend and we saw a bunch of cars parked and people coming and going from this mysterious warehouse, so we stopped, accompanied by someone else I wasn’t quite as scared.

More than just rusty furniture and giant old gargoyles for the garden, which is what I expected to find, this place was full of beautiful small pieces and colorful furniture with a modern and industrial feel, things I would use in my house for sure. I stayed for hours walking and reading the stories behind the many different pieces, hidden messages inside trunks and dedications from 100 years ago inside book covers. My first thought was, my mom would love this! I love antique stores, they are like museums where you can take things home, I was fascinated.

I Collected a few of my favorite things so you can peek around too. I warn you though, there are almost to many great things!

Antiques shops are awesome 2 Antiques shops are awesome 3

Antiques shops findsAntiques shops are awesome 5 Antiques shops are awesome 6 Antiques shops are awesome 7 Antiques shops are awesome 8


Now that I know what’s inside that mysterious warehouse, I don’t want to go back, but now because I want to bring everything home, I just can’t resist! Do you like antique shops?


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  1. Autumn says:

    I LOVE this! Antique shops are so awesome… I love finding them. The thing is I spend hours in there… I’m such a junkie for history!

    • Hi Autumn!
      I love antique shops too, so many great stories behind those old things. And most of them are in good shape that I want to take everything with me.
      Have a wonderful day. Thanks for stopping by 🙂

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