DIY: Easy Cinco de Mayo Nails

Cinco de mayo Easy nails

I love mixing orange and fuchsia together but I’ve never tried it on my nails before, it is now my new obsession. The colors are similar between them but that’s why I added a neon orange instead of just orange. I have to say that the dollar store has the best neon nail polish in town. Love this bright orange, got it for a dollar!!
I got inspired when I was looking at some ethnic textiles from Mexico. I thought that to get a similar look i would just need to mix a couple bright colors together.
The tricky part is adding some small details, they look pretty difficult. So instead getting to complicated I bought some stickers. Like lots of Mexican patterns, I went with flowers, I thought they would look perfect on this design. Not exactly the same, but at least the idea.

Easy Cinco de mayo Nails

Easy Cinco de mayo Nails

1. Paint a base layer with a bold color. I used a bright coral.
2. Start drawing lines using a thin brush and the brightest color you have.
3. Add more lines using another color. I added the fuchsia lines in this step.
4. Now add some sparkles just for fun. Don’t worry, at this point maybe your nails will look a bit funky if you aren’t that good with the thin brush, but the next step is gonna save our project!
5. Use the stickers to cover the imperfections. Perfect!
*TIP. You can clean the thin brushes using a cotton ball with a bit of nail polish remover, that way you don’t need to buy every color, just reused the brush with the normal nail polish bottles you already have at home .

Easy Cinco de mayo Nails

An abstract way to represent Mexican textiles. Now that we are getting closer to Cinco the mayo, this would be a perfect nail style to party all night!

Have fun! Xo, Elba

*That cute fabric

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  1. Ali Mackin says:

    Cinco de Mayo nails how awesome! Great post. Love the photos.

    Ali of

  2. Meghan says:

    This is such a fun and bright manicure , gorgeous ! thanks for sharing.

    Meghan Silva’s Blog

  3. Katy Watkins says:

    They are so awesome! What a great mix of colours! And I love the little flowers. Definitely something I’m going to try myself 😀 Plus thanks for the nail brush tip!

  4. xfallenmoon says:

    oh wow, that’s so pretty!! my husband is mexican. 🙂 i love the colors, so daring!! i kind of like it just with the lines, even if they are unperfect.

    • Yes I love the imperfect finish too. I just wanted to add something extra to make them look a bit more ethnic, but next time I will make just some lines, they look cute.

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