How to Make a Pixelated Counter top

How to make a pixelated countertops

I saw my grandma create many many beautiful cross stitch pieces, those ones that look like they were made by an from a pixelated image. I also remember enjoying the same effect on artwork, clothes, pillows and other cute things, most of the time they were small items made from fabric. But this was the first time I saw the effect on the counter top of a Kitchen! Now I can’t stop thinking about the idea. That counter top has been in my dreams since I found it!

How can I make this in my own house? If you’re asking yourself this question you need to keep reading.

How to make a pixelated countertops

1. Take a picture of something you like, a flower, a leaf or anything you want to see on your kitchen counter top everyday. I took a picture of a couple leaves.

Tip. Look for a simple background. Not just because it will be a simpler shape but because you don’t need to buy so many different colors. Check out the counter top in the image, they kept the design mostly gray with two or three mustard tones, that’s it.

2. When you have an image, open it in paint and click, “ re size”. Then select pixels and change the horizontal value to about 50, you may need to go smaller or larger depending on the size of your image.

3. Click OK, then click re size again. When the screen opens click pixels and change the horizontal value this time to about 1000, again you may need to play with this a little bit, the image I used was 700 by 525.

4. Save and print the image. The printed image will definitely help you choose the colors of the tiles and help you create your grid. You can also print the image at a bigger scale, but you may need to go to a print studio who can help you with that.

I also found this video that can help you:  How to Pixelate a picture with paint


Here is where the fun part starts. Now what you need to do is translate that pixelated image onto your kitchen countertop.

2 x 2 inch Tiles would be perfect for this project.

1. Draw a 2” by 2” grid on your counter top. If your tiles are larger, make sure your grid is the same width and height of your tiles.

2. Following the grid on the image you printed, start adding the tiles to the counter top  It’s easier if you add the pieces first and make the shape like a puzzle before gluing them.

Check out this video: Pixelated wall art

Not the same, but it’s the same idea.

Hope you like this project! If you try it,  I would be so jealous but please come back and show us the pictures. Have a wonderful week. Xo. Elba

*Image credit. Home & Delicious

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