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I’m a little late on this announcement, but here goes… The last two months I wrote a couple articles for the Latino magazine, “Zona Glam”. Being able to collaborate with such a lovely magazine was great. At first I didn’t know what to talk about but then spring trends with pastel colors popped. That was my first article Zona Glam published on February 14th, Decorating with Pastel Colors. Zona Glam is a really cool magazine, they cover lots of interesting topics most women love reading about, family, home, health, fashion, recipes and much more. I knew about the magazine a long time ago so when they ask me to write an article I was thrilled. The second article was published on March 11th, it’s about organizing your home using hangers and decorating with them in a fun way. I was inspired by a similar idea I used when I organized my little sister’s jewelry last summer. You can check out the articles here and here, sorry it’s only in Spanish but I hope the pictures help inspire colors for your home this spring or other awesome original ideas using hangers.

Articles published on Viva Glam magazine

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  1. janika R says:

    Wow..It is my dream to work with magazine someday. I am soo happy for you.

    xo janika

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