3 Ideas to Color your Bedroom

Three ways to color your bedroom

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Some time ago I posted about the three ways I like to color a room, these three ways actually work really well because they can’t go wrong that easy. Today I thought it would be great to share the same three tips I shared about living rooms but thinking about another space in the house where we relax at night and get ready for the adventurous of the day, the bedroom.

1. Neutral walls with colorful accessories

One of the advantages is that soft tone walls let the room feel illuminated and open.

To get the style, paint your walls in a neutral tone like white or even a soft brown or gray. Use any natural wood tone you like for your furniture and even metallic or colorful finishes. I love the idea of adding personality to a room with accessories, because it allows me to change the way the room looks very easily, moving things from place to place or changing accessories every season. The bed clothes add so many textures and colors to a bedroom, have fun with them! I love my warm gray-blue cover for winter and when the spring peeks it’s head around the corner I get excited about my light lime green cover, with neutral walls you can make those kind of changes a lot.

Three ways to color your bedroom

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2. Colorful Walls and neutral accessories.

If you really like colors but you are scared to overdo a room, use them on your walls but keep the accessories neutral. The soft toned accessories will balance any color you choose for your walls, I like dark colors for bedrooms like dark gray or even navy blue.

Three ways to color your bedroom

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3. Combined.

If you want to color your walls but you also want the room to feel illuminated, you will love this style. I like using 80% neutral walls and  20% splashes of color, that means that you paint one of the walls with a bright or dark tone and the other walls with a neutral one.

Combining colors lets you have two options in one space, the neutral spots allow light to enter the room, and the splash of color on the other wall works as focal point, an amazing piece of art would be the perfect touch to bring a combined color room to the next level.

Three ways to color your bedroom

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What style do you like more?

Tip. The most important thing about decorating is having fun, so don’t stress too much and remember that there is nothing about your home that you can’t fix. Have fun and enjoy the process. Hope you like these tips.

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  1. Meghan says:

    love these tips thanks for sharing hun , hope you are having an amazing day xo

    Meghan Silva’s Blog

  2. Angel says:

    Hi Elba
    Your blog is awesome. I’m a new follower

  3. Igor says:

    I am the ‘neutral walls and colorful accessories’ kind of guy!! So beautiful!

  4. Alexandra says:


    I just discovered your website and immediately fell in love with it. You have a wonderful sense of style, and your images are really inspiring. I especially like the neutral walls with colorful accessories. Would it please be possible to let me know the details of the painting on the wall of the 3rd picture in that set (the one in which there’s a white bedside table with a fuschia flower at the left of the picture)? It’s so beautiful.


    • Hello Alexandra!

      Thank you!!! I love the idea of neutral walls and colorful accessories too! as a renter, it makes things easier but it also looks incredible. I’m not sure of the details of the photo, but the collection “Neutral Nuance” from Sherwin Williams is a perfect place to look for inspiration. My favorite neutral tone is SW 6385 Dover White. Check it out and let me know what do you think.

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