It’s Learning Time

Learn something new

I saw my two year old nephew drawing something that looked like a heart and smiled at me, he was saying: Look I’m doing it. I was teaching him how to draw a heart on a foggy window. He was having a blast just doodling things, he was learning something new and I could see the satisfaction on his cute little face.

I came back home that night and thought how much I would love to feel that satisfaction everyday, finding everything around me interesting and new, like a baby.

Learning how to make crochet

The next day I found an adorable kit to learn how to make yummy crochet. I fell in love with the package the moment I saw it and I knew that I had to take it home. If there is something I’m not afraid of, it’s being childish. If you knew me, you will know how much time I spend in the toys section of stores and how many nights I stay awake drawing in coloring books, for some reason they just relax me. I was so excited about this!

Learning how to make amigurumis

I went home thinking that making a chocolate donut with vanilla frosting and some colorful sprinkles would be really easy, I mean why not? Well, it wasn’t. The first night I sat for about three hours trying to learn how to make a single crochet, and if my count is correct at least an extra hour finding out how to start a double crochet. I made a line, got rid of it, made it again and so on..  But the funny part was that I was really excited about learning how to make amigurumis. Amigurumis is the art of knitting or crocheting small stuffed animals or other cute creatures.

I’m still figuring out how to close that donut shape and thinking about starting the frosting makes me shiver, but you know guys, learning something new had been really rewarding. I felt a huge satisfaction with this small achievement and I am loving it.

Learning how to make amiguruchis

I’m still on my way to finishing this donut and I promise that when it’s ready I will share it with you. Meanwhile what do you think about my colorful candle mat? I was practicing last Sunday and I ended up making this little square that turned out being a perfect mat for candles.

Learning how to crochet

Learning how to crochet

It was so funny discovering that crochet is so difficult for me, but I guess being a little tricky really helps me to be more enthusiastic and I pay a lot more attention to it. I am newly obsessed with these yummy food creatures, I can’t stop imagining the day when I make a smiley hamburger. Please if you know about this I would appreciate any tips.

Have you learn something new lately? Isn’t it really rewarding?

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  1. Those candle holders are pretty cool, especially for the kitchen we just put in (it’s a bit semi rustic)! Sadly I doubt I have the skills to make them!

    • Hi Will,
      One like this would look really cute in a semi rustic kitchen. I thought the same and look, I can’t believe I made this. I hope this encourages you to try, it’s a matter of practice and practice.
      Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Meghan says:

    Crochet is something that really takes patience well for me that is haha love this colourful post xo

    Meghan Silva’s Blog

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