La Mochi, Colorful Handmade Bags

La mochi Handmade Bags

There is something fun about wearing products inspired by other cultures. One of my favorites lately are products from La Mochi. I can’t stop thinking how cool these would look with some jean shorts and some brown tone sandals. Some of my favorite color combos are orange – blue and fuchsia – yellow, and I can see them dancing together on these lovely pieces, it’s like a dream come true. Are you in love like I am?

La mochi Handmade Bags 1

La mochi Handmade Bags 5

La mochi Handmade Bags 2 La mochi Handmade Bags 3 La mochi Handmade Bags 4

*Images Source. La Mochi

5 Responses

  1. Contentable says:

    Looks really pretty! Perfect for summer 🙂

  2. Dionne Terry says:

    beautiful hand bags how can I purchase one? Love at first sight

  3. amnerys says:

    You can find them on Instagram in nous_om they are all over australia

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