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Today I’m heading out to a local festival called LEAF. We will camp and stay there until Sunday, they have great bands, delicious local food and many artists from around the country. I went last year and it was a lot of fun! I’m planning to take my doodling notebook and my crochet kit for those times of the day when everything is quiet. Camping in front of a beautiful lake can bring me new ideas, you never know, I might finish that cute donut I’m working on.

But before I leave, enjoy these gorgeous prints that are like candy for the eyes. A refreshing tropical falling trend perfect for the summer days ahead. These patterns are incredibly beautiful, they are so energetic and original. I would love to add  some spice to my bathroom with a jungle inspired wallpaper, and what do you think about the outfits?

Those beautiful and exotic pieces in my wardrobe definitely wouldn’t do any harm.

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  1. xfallenmoon says:

    those outfits are so gorgeous. so bright and exotic. i love the dark greens and the feathers. i’m actually working on a few feather necklaces, love to work with them, so soft and wild. 😉

    Love, Moon
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    • Hello!!
      Feathers necklaces wow! that sounds awesome. Can’t wait to see your lovely designs 🙂 I love feather a lot and they would be perfect for this summer.

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