Before and After the Yard Sale

Before and after a yard sale

This is the before and after the yard sale of my tiny apartment. I took the first picture last Thursday morning and the other one today after selling all our stuff last Saturday. Can you see the sadness in it’s abstract face?

We want to have some time with family and friends before we leave Asheville, and having that yard sale last weekend instead of waiting until next week was the best thing we could have done, even if we need to live like this for the next two weeks. The house is a disaster, it’s stressing me out, but what happens is that you never know if you are gonna be able to sell everything just with one yard sale, luckily we did great with ours and now that the house is almost empty, some big pieces are going to my in laws, that’s one less thing to worry about even if I feel sad in the morning when I can’t find a place to put my coffee.

This was our first apartment as a married couple aww!!  I’m so happy for the next adventure but gosh, I’m gonna miss this lovely tiny space!

Have you ever moved and sold everything you have?    Do you remember your first home?


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  1. janika R says:

    I faced similar situation recently. I moved from India to US and after 5 months from US to India. All these transitions will be painful but they are part of life. I hope you will quickly adapt to the new place. Good luck dear.

    xo Janika

    • Wow Janika I didn’t know that. That sounds much more complicated and exhausting than my move.
      Two years ago, When I moved to the states from Mexico things were stressful and sad, but I also remember being really happy and excited about the new things to come. I’m sure i’m gonna be fine, but at least just for the next few days while I’m still planning things are stressful, I just want to get there and things will be much easier.

  2. Meghan says:

    Don’t worry you will find amazing items to fill the next home .

    Meghan Silva’s Blog

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