Crossing the Country: Desert Beauty

Desert Beauty and colors

Crossing the country adventure

Yesterday was the fourth day on the road since we started our road trip across the country adventure last Tuesday. We are moving to California from North Carolina, a little stressful but also exciting and new. We are enjoying the sites on our way at the same time, it has been such a beautiful experience. Everything has been so pretty, our first day we stayed in Little Rock, Arkansas, the second day in Amarillo, Texas, the third day in Albuquerque, New Mexico and today we are in Holbrook, Arizona.

I am in love with the desert colors and the unusual beauty behind it. Where I grew up, a tropical little city in the south of Mexico, you don’t see this kind of dry landscape, it’s so different, interesting and beautiful, I’m loving it! I have been sharing some snapshots on my instagram so you can enjoy part of the adventure with me.

Desert Beauty 2

Desert Beauty 7

Hope you love these gorgeous shots I saw in the Petrified National Forest, so many colors I would love to use in our new apartment, I am obsessed with those bluish mountains, they are definitely my favorite part of the trip so far.

Desert Beauty 9 Desert Beauty 1 Desert Beauty 3 Desert Beauty 4 Desert Beauty 5 Desert Beauty 6  Desert Beauty 8 Desert Beauty 9

Deserts, jungles, forest or tundra, what kind of landscape inspires you?

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  1. onel says:

    These photographs are awesome, Elba!!! The road scenery is just beautiful 🙂 By the way, how long is this adventure going to take to reach your new home? Oh, and thanks a lot for the color inspirations 🙂 Take care along the wonderful trip 😀

    • Hello Onel!
      Sorry I couldn’t answer sooner. We were 10 days on the road, but we are finally on our new home, everything has been great. The places we visited are gorgeous! I’m so sad it ended so fast.

  2. Janaki R. says:

    Amazing Pictures Elba..I love your blog now even more than ever..


  3. xfallenmoon says:

    wow, those landscapes are gorgeous. i’m more of a jungles/forest kind of girl. i love greens and flowers. 🙂

    • I guess because the desert was so different from the landscaping I am used to, it was also more impressive and beautiful. I think that in the end I’m more a flower kind of person too.

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