Let’s Have a Happy Picnic!

Grab a colorful blanket and a bottle of champagne and have a picnic in the mountains! This summer is so hot and nice that I’m craving a picnic in the mountains so badly. I love taking a picnic basket that we got from our wedding, it’s a pain in the butt walking with it for a long time but it is for sure a sweet detail for a romantic morning.

I just chose my 5 favorite ways to make any picnic a little more colorful and happy:

1. Take some colorful pillows with you. Seriously, pillows make everything better!

How to decorate a colorful picnic

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2. Hang some lanterns to add a punch of color. Paper lanterns are cheap and easy to hang, they also look adorable.

3. Fruits, vegetables, candy, all have beautiful colors. Take your favorites with you.

4. Feeling creative? What about personalizing your utensils with acrylic paint or washi tape. Such a beautiful detail.

5. You can take some multi colored chairs. Add some paper goodies to make them look prettier.

By the way, tomorrow i’m heading out to California Yay! I’m so excited about all the new places we will visit on our way, I can’t stop reading about the Grand Canyon, super excited! The blog will probably be a bit quiet this week but I will try to post about my travels soon.  – Xo, Elba

4 Responses

  1. Meghan says:

    Love all these ideas and you are right pillows are everything .

  2. janika R says:

    Well said Elba. Lovely pictures as always. Hope you have already moved to the new place and happy there.


  3. bp says:

    What a fun post! I just finished commenting on TECHLOVEDESIGN about how much I am loving being a homebody lately, but here is your glorious post that makes me so excited to go and plan a colorful picnic! Time to rest AND time to play, I guess!!!!

    • Hi Bp!!
      Well said, “Time to rest and play”, it sounds so tempting! After moving I’m dreaming again about having a colorful picnic, maybe one of these days 😉

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