Best Colors for a Bathroom

So you thought you finished painting your home when you realized that there is one room you forgot about, the bathroom. So you run to the store and buy a bucket of white paint, who cares, right? it’s just the bathroom.

Well, a bathroom is actually really important not just because we spend the first minutes of the morning there but because sometimes it doubles as our spa or makeup room. For the start of your day shouldn’t you have more than just boring white walls?

Here are three great colors that will make any bathroom look clean and fresh.

Best colors for a bathroomBest colors for a bathroom

A light gray instead of white can give a lot more personality.

Best colors for a bathroom

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What’s your favorite? – Xo, Elba

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  1. onel says:

    I’m voting for the first one. The third looks to elegant for me hahaha 😀

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