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I have to tell you that this month has been so unusual. I have been busy with so many different things, first our move, then a week with my parents, now my in laws are in town, and today we are getting on the road again for a fun trip to a winery in nearby a Sonoma county, I am so unusually busy.

After having such a great time, I can’t stop feeling a bit guilty for having so much fun, it’s like our vacation is never gonna end. I can say that I’m ready to get back to work, it’s definitely time. Can you believe that I’m getting tired of nice meals and shopping trips? Next Monday things should finally be back to normal, until then check out these awesome links I found yesterday.

ColoRing furniture series

I love finding original furniture designs, and I can’t stop loving this colorful furniture series.  By schemata architects / jo nagasaka (Image)

Emma Gale’s

If you love Frida Kahlo as much as I do, you can’t miss Emma Gale’s work. Incredible! (Image)

Magenta Space

A magenta wall with a hint of bohemian-chic. I am in love with those pillows. (Image)

Reinier’s Bournemouth Beach Huts

These are some adorable beach huts designed by Reinier’s Bournemouth. I love the simple and colorful design. (Image)

Yarn Bombing

I had my ‘yarn bombing’ moment when I saw this cute tree near to our old apartment in Asheville, NC. Lately I have found more tree knits from around the world, it’s so cool. This ‘yarn bombing’ is for sure a great way to remove the graffiti from the streets in a cute and creative way. Have you seen one where you live? (Image)

By the way, thanks a lot for all your questions and comments, I really love to help. Just that my readers are interested in my advice is a really great and makes me feel so happy. Lots of love, Elba.

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  1. janika R says:

    Thanks for the colorful links dear. And thumbs up for your non-stop shopping and fun trips.

  2. onel says:

    The tree knit is such a cute and cool idea! The trees will surely brighten up the street! Love the pillow cases too! I’m so into tribal pattern these days 🙂 Thank you for the links!

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