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DIY: How to Make Pillow Covers

How to make pillow covers

Right after we bought our new sofa I felt that I needed to make some new decorative pillows, the couch looked sad, empty and naked, it really was screaming for some color and fun.

So yesterday I made new pillow covers with a blue and orange floral piece of fabric that survived the move, what do you think?

I posted how to make my pillow covers here and here and I also made a bed for my doggie Kyra using the same technique. I have tried other techniques, I even used a zipper once, but every time I try a different way to make pillows, I end up realizing how much faster, easier and affordable my normal technique is, you can reuse them, wash them easily and you don’t need lots of room to store each pillow, just fold up the covers and throw them in the back of your closet and cover your pillows with something new.

Interested? Read on to learn how to make them.

How to make pillow covers

  1. Measure the fabric and cut it. The fabric should cover the pillow completely and overlay one side on the other. (Like the picture above) I used a ruler to measure the fabric (Picture #1 Below)
  2. Sew the short edges. Following the pink arrows.
  3. Flip the fabric inside out. You should be seeing something like picture #3 You need to flip the fabric because you are gonna need to sew everything from the inside to hide the seam.
  4. Sew the other edges. Following the yellow arrows.
  5. After sewing all four edges, you will have an inside out cover that looks like picture #5 The pink arrow shows the first two seams you sewed in step #2 and the yellow arrows show the two seams from step #4
  6. Turn it over and LISTO!

How to make pillow covers

It looks a bit complicated at first, but when you understand the idea you’ll see how easy it is, and if you love changing your pillows often, before you know it you’ll be making pillowcases in the blink of an eye.

The back of the pillowcase when it is done should look like this.

How to make pillow covers

Take them off them like this.

How to make pillow covers

Here is me sewing in my new work space. I have had some problems with my camera lately, the indoor pictures look really blurry, any ideas? I guess I should have waited until I had more natural light. Even with big windows, if the light is not great, the pictures seem horrible.I need to work on my technique for indoor pictures, any tips?

How to make pillow covers

Yep, I love my new pillows, but I think Kyra is enjoying them so much more than me.

How to make pillow covers

Do you prefer buying or making your own pillows? Do you use any special technique? Please share it with us, I would love to hear new ideas. Everything about pillows just makes me happy. Xo, Elba

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  1. onel says:

    Haha, Kyra really seems to like the new pillow and they look really good on the outdoor chairs too! I certainly prefer to make my own cases if only my machine sewing skill gets a little bit better 😉

  2. McKenna Lou says:

    I love this tutorial! The colors in this pillow cover are perfection. I am so glad you commented on Lynn + Lou so I could be lead to your lovely blog! I am already following you on bloglovin so I can be updated on all things Live Colorful! xx. Mckenna Lou

  3. huong tran says:

    Thanks very much, its very clear to me

  4. Rosa Elvira Frias Mendoza says:

    Bellos . Los voy a hacer

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