How to Make your Own Color Palette

How do we create a color palette using a picture of something that catches our attention?

One of the tricks is to look at the image and find out which one is the predominant color and which colors are the complementaries. A lot of the time this can be as simple as which color is the background color, the predominant color, and everything else can be a complementary color, especially the colors that really pop. When you decorate a lot of times you follow a similar system, you need a predominant color, the walls a lot of the time, and complementary colors, the accessories.

How to make your own color palette 1

I found this funky flower in the grand canyon during our trip last month. Those pink and green tones look amazing on top of the gray rocks. Using the predominant colors and complementary colors in the picture I made a color palette using a similar gray color on my walls and some pink and green accessories around the room. I’m loving it!

Here is another example of how to make a color palette work in real life. For a home you could use a dark gray for the walls and add colorful accessories like this space shared in Design Sponge. I also found a gorgeous wedding collage from Polka Dot Bride using a similar color palette, gray for the bridesmaid dresses and colorful flowers that pop.

How to make your own color palette

Images. Design Sponge /  Polka Dot Bride

Today if you find something when you’re out and about that catches your eye, take a picture and take it to the paint store with you. Choose a predominant color and look for a similar paint tone for your walls. Then accessorize using the complementary colors from your picture, it’s really that easy!

Is there a picture out there that you just can’t stop looking at? Maybe you just found the inspiration for your next living room makeover! – Xo, Elba

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  1. Corina says:

    Delightful colors dear!
    Thank you for sharing!

  2. janika R says:

    Elba, You made this so easy to understand. Thanks dear. we want more posts like this from you.


  3. Bonita says:

    I love this post very much! I never know that you can find a color palette with a picture. I wish I could find this post before. This is so helpful! I can apply this for my graphic designs. Thank you so much for sharing, Elba! 😀

  4. Meghan says:

    This really is a surprisingly gorgeous colour combination and its so interesting to learn how to make your own colour palette. Thanks for sharing xo

  5. Yolz says: nice tool to create color palette from any image

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