Blue Mondays and Pink Fridays

How colors influence our life

Saturday morning I sat on my exercise ball and enjoyed a few minutes writing a little bit about my the last few days, it was priceless. I also went to the store to buy a new cork board, I started decorating my new little office corner and I got so excited I couldn’t stop adding more prints and other goodies that I remind and inspire me throughout the day. I also wanted to organize the blog calendar which by the way, has never been organized, it needed urgent care, it was a mess.

When I started the blog I did it as a hobby that I could get lost in once or twice a week. I had never imagined that I would find myself enjoying writing posts so much, until recently, when I started doing it almost everyday, then the hard work started paying back, I was hooked. So after all the changes in my life lately I decided to continue with this blogging adventure with a purpose. I knew that to start I needed a bit more organization, and a blog calendar couldn’t hurt.

How colors influence our life

So I took some markers and started doodling on a blank piece of paper. For some reason I took a soft blue for Monday, green for a Tuesday, orange for Wednesday, purple for Thursday, pink for Friday and yellow for Saturday. I did it without thinking but then I start analyzing why I choose each color, it was interesting. I knew a Monday is one of those days when I feel slow and calm so that soft blue fitted perfectly, Fridays I just want to have fun, so pink totally explains everything.

How colors influence our life

When I analysed this simple thing, I realized how much color influences our lives. It’s a spot of color that remind us how we feel, and how I feel everyday makes me think about what kind of topic I will probably like to write about. Isn’t this amazing? So I wrote each topic at the bottom and voila! the first step for my blog calendar was done.

Making this calendar brought to mind how much I loved to decorate my notebooks with colored pencils in middle school. I used different colors to separate the notes for each class. I didn’t think about it at the time, but I was choosing each color to reflect how I felt about each class.

Have you ever thought about why you choose certain colors for certain activities? Do you use certain colors to organize your files or documents?

I would love to hear if you have ever thought about the same crazy things as me. –Xo, Elba

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  1. xfallenmoon says:

    i actually migrate towards pale blue a lot. i find it soothing and calming. a big part of my personality is super energetic, passionate and impulsive. i think the pale blue is my the color that helps me recenter myself.

    • Hello Julie!
      Sometimes we love a color that has nothing to be with our personality just because it make us feel balanced. In my case, I look for the brightest colors, they help me feel happy and energetic.
      I remember you mention an upcoming bedroom makeover with pale blue walls. How is it going?

  2. Janaki R. says:

    You are amazing dear. Your way of developing blogging calender is interesting.


  3. Que buena idea Elba!! yo no soy tan organizada como tú, voy anotando todo en papelitos pequeños que luego voy dejando por toda la casa, pero luego los paso a limpio, eso sí, pero no tan bien como tú.


    • Yo hago lo de los papelitos también, estoy tratando de organizarme mejor y haciendo un calendario es mi primer paso 😉 pero no creo que podré parar de dejar notitas por todos lados jaja

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