Celebrating Color with: Georgiana Paraschiv

Georgiana Paraschiv is a designer/artist from Bucharest, Romania. When I found her work I couldn’t stop looking at it, I think it was on Pinterest, and if I remember correctly I pinned almost everything from her pinboard. Her pieces made me feel that I needed to change my clothes for something fun and wear those hot pink high heels I almost never use, it was an instant shot, a full dose of energy.


These fun pillows are my favorites.

colorful designs

colorful design

Using color fearlessly is what makes the world a better place, I believe that and I admire it. You should definitely check out her site and her shops, you are gonna love them.

Do you know of any other talented and colorful fearless artists? Leave the links below! – Xo, Elba

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  1. Oh wao! what a great artist. Thanks for the intro. I especially love the pineapple pillow. Perfect for a terrace or outdoor seating.

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