How to Make Three Paint Colors Work in a Room?

How to Make Three Paint Colors Work in a Room?

Image via.  Southern Living. Photo: Laurey W. Glenn

Having so many colors samples in the paint store, can make our hunt for paint colors so difficult, what if we love not just one, but two or three colors? can we use them all?

Yes we can, that’s the magic of color, we can do anything with it just because it makes us happy, that’s my motto. What do you think?


I love the idea of using three colors of paint in spaces where the kitchen, dining room and living room are connected. It’s great being able to personalize each space with its own color.

1. One easy way to choose the right three colors of paint is to look for a color we love in three different shades.

Here is an example: A teal blue in the kitchen, a gray blue in the living room and a pale blue in the dining room. Each room is blue, but everyone has its own personality and even when they are independent, they also coordinate and match with the other rooms.

Blue color palette

2. Another great way to choose the right three color scheme is looking for two colors that look good together and then adding an extra neutral color. Example: gray blue, lemon sorbet and navy blue, isn’t it a pretty three color scheme?

Lemon sorbet and gray blue color palette

3. Two shades of neutral colors and a bright color will work as well. Like these two shades of brown and a magenta.

Brown and magenta color palette


In small spaces you can definitely do the same tricks as above, but you might enjoy a more dramatic and original three colors scheme effect more than just painting each wall with one color. Think about that bedroom or bathroom where you have always dreamed of doing something fun and interesting, imagine two shades of green on the walls and an eggplant tone on the ceiling just might create the space of your dreams. Another favorite effect is striped walls, with three colors! Yes, Why not? Like this happy bedroom created by SAS Interiors. I love the two shades of blue with red, a great color palette for a kids bedroom.

Before going to the paint store you can always look for images in magazines or Pinterest to see other places with color palettes that work together and that you enjoy. If you are indecisive, take the samples home and look at them in your own space. Do you like what you see? How do these colors look with your furniture? Go back and bring as many as samples you need, take your time and enjoy the process.

I hope these tips help you with your color hunting. If you have any questions or tips you would like to add just write me a line below. Thanks for visiting live colorful.

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  1. onel says:

    Hi Elba! Dropping by for a color question, it’s not for interior I’m afraid, but I am planning to revamp the look of my blog in the near future. I’m having a great problem in choosing the right color combination for the text, background and links and thought of visiting your Q&A section!

    I always love green and I tried implemented it when I first started the blog. I tried the combination of green & brown and green & white and I tried using shades like your first example too, but all the outcomes look so “cheap”. In the end, I settled with I have now. My question is “Is there a way to use green as the main color on blog design but at the same time doesn’t look crappy?”


  2. janika R says:

    You are the greatest adviser when it comes to colors. Great post dear.

  3. Sara says:

    I wud like the names of the color palette for the boys bedroom shown above.. Is that something u cud give me Sara Keim

    • Hi Sara! Paint: Tear Drop 2060-70, Cayman Blue 2060-50, and Toronto Blue 2060-40 by Benjamin Moore.

      • Sara says:

        Thank u! Was wanting to paint the walls and the stripes like shown wud those be the colors used? Sara keim

        • In that kitchen, they used Tear Drop 2060-70 in the ceiling, Cayman Blue 2060-50 in the cabinets and Toronto Blue 2060-40 in the floor. If you want to make stripes, choosing just two of those blues would be perfect 😉 Cayman blue and Toronto blue together are my favorite combo.

          • Sara says:

            Sorry if I’m confusing u I’m talking about the boys bedroom. Orangish red dresser..? Sara

          • Oh no, i’m sorry, I was talking about the first picture. Totally my fault. For the stripes on the bedroom, I would recommend you to check out the tutorial on SAS Interiors. All the information here.

  4. Jeanine says:

    I soo love this space! I mean this website/webspace 😉 Its amazing. I just found it thru a comment made on another bloggers site! I got curious about the title of post connected to her comment/reply (on a totall different blog!;) Found yourself a new subscriber

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