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What Colors Make a Room Look Bigger?

What colors make a room look bigger?

I have lived in small apartments for the last two years of my life. My latest apartment was pretty small and dark, the windows were small and the ceiling really low. I knew that my best solution would be paint everything white but I was really craving some color. What I ended up doing was painting most of the walls Navajo White (a white with a hint of beige) and then I painted just one of the walls in the living room in Latte (another neutral) The Latte wall was my splash of color and I have to say that if I had painted all the walls in that brown tone, the space would have looked really dark. Lighter colors make rooms look bigger, they also make a spaces look bright and open.

For all those people out there that need a bit of color, like me, you could do what I did. Add a little splash on one of your walls and keep the rest light, try a neutral or even a pastel tone. Check out some ideas here.

Other things that help to make a room look bigger are:

  • Light colored floors and ceilings. Keeping everything lightly colored makes the space seem bigger. This also makes the natural light spread more throughout the space.
  • Use furniture in the same color as the walls. When the furniture is camouflaged within the environment it makes you feel that you have more space than you actually have.
  • Keep your space uncluttered.
  • Small pieces of furniture will help make your space look bigger, try to buy smaller things. Imagine a 15 foot wall with a huge three seat sofa that covers almost the whole wall. Now imagine the same wall with a light looking two seat sofa and an ottoman next to it, the effect would be so different, don’t you think?
  • Mirrors and glass tables can be your best friends. The bedroom in our apartment has mirrored closets and it looks huge because everything looks twice as big, the walls seems to continue and the light is reflected and spreads through the whole room, we are loving it! Glass coffee tables and dining room tables are great to create a spacious effect, they look so light.

Remember that you can always add colorful accessories to personalize your space. I was a bit sad when I read that we couldn’t paint our apartment, but then I started loving the light colored walls. The space looks bigger and lighter, that’s just what we needed.

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  1. Meghan says:

    This is such great tips, its the one thing i struggle with. Will be taking your advice. Hope you had a gorgeous weekend honey.

  2. Ann Shirley says:

    Great advice! I think the key for working with a small space is to keep it simply and choose one area for the focal point. I am a big fan of rugs. I like to keep the furniture plan and to a minimum and then use rugs to help brighten the space. A large rug I think can add width to any room. I love Modern Rugs with bold geometric patterns in blue. I think that if you have solid furniture and walls something like this would work great. Like you said, the furniture should definitely be small and match the walls though.

  3. Diane says:

    Great tips! Now I know what colors to choose to make my room look bigger.

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