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How to Choose the Perfect Color for Curtains?

How to choose curtains

The week of our yard sale I discovered that I owned 6 different pairs of curtains for our little apartment. I used to have a pair for every season of the year and two extra pairs of neutral colored ones. I really didn’t need them, I just loved the idea of changing the mood of the room just by changing the curtains. This works so well that I got addicted. Curtains are a great accessory for the house, they add color, texture and personality, and we can change them so easily!

But it is also true that finding the perfect ones can be a bit confusing. The trick is to look for a pair of curtains that goes well with the color of your walls. I love choosing one of these three options:

1. Look for similar colors. Look for curtains that have a similar color as the color of one of your walls. Something with motifs and patterns would add a lot of personality to your space. For example. If your walls are turquoise, a pair of beige curtains with little turquoise flowers would be perfect. They don’t need to have a lot of that blue, just little touches.

How to choose the perfect color curtains

2. Use complementary colors. Something totally opposite on the color wheel can create an interesting effect. This is perfect if you are looking for a unique and bright look with your curtains and walls.

How to choose the perfect color curtains

Here are some complementary color combinations:

Complementary Colors

3. Go neutral. Like I said here, you will see how multifunctional a pair of neutral curtains can be. This option is perfect for all those people that change the color of their walls really often or for those people that have many textures and colorful accessories around the house and want to maintain a balance in the room.

How to choose the perfect color curtains

Tip. If your walls are painted in a neutral color, you can create a playful atmosphere by matching them with any color on the color wheel. Imagine brown walls and teal curtains or gray walls and yellow curtains. Pretty! Right?

Plain or textured?

  • Use plain curtains if… you decorate your space with a lot of patterns, colors and textures. Solid colored curtains would be perfect.

  • Use textured curtains if…  you don’t have that many textures or patterns around your home. Geometric and florals are my favorite patterns for curtains.

I hope these tips can help you. Check out more ideas here.  – Xo, Elba

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  1. Evelyn Kelly says:

    I think complementary colors best for my curtains. And here you have provided a lot of choices which is easy to select. So I want to paint my curtains with red and green combination. Elba…thanks a lot for these great suggestions.

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