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How to Decorate with Fall Colors?

How to decorate with fall colors

It’s official! Fall is here. I could feel it all weekend, we had a rainy Saturday which from what I’ve heard, is pretty uncommon here, and yesterday and today I woke up to a chilly morning. I’m using a cozy robe for the first time, it’s here!

It’s also funny, because I have some friends on the other side of the world that are getting ready for spring, I find this really interesting, all the crazy differences around the world. But today I’m gonna share some ideas for those of us who are getting ready for fall:

Fall colors for the walls

So fall inspires so many cozy colors for our homes and wardrobes. I posted fashion colors trends for fall some time ago. I find the same fashion color trends attractive for the home, like that emerald green and dark plum. I also love to look for colors in nature that would look great on the walls, something like terracotta, orange and dark green shades, cozy and pretty. Some ideas here.

Here are some beautiful fall colors for your walls:

How to decorate with fall colors

*Behr / Sherwin Williams / Comex

Seasonal uplifting

There is also another way to bring the fall mood into your home using the same colors, it’s all about accessories and seasonal decorations! Hanging garlands with leafs on the door, putting pumpkins on the porch, making centerpieces out of dry branches and buying cinnamon apple candles are some of my favorite things to do in fall. These details will instantly put you in a happy mood and leave you craving pumpkin pies and cinnamon lattes.

Here are some more great seasonal ideas for your home inspired by fall colors:

Fall DIY Decorations

1. Fall leaves wreath by Alisa Burke

2. Fall leaves garland DIY by A Beautiful Mess

3. Feather Garland by How did You Make This

4. Painted fall leaves by Fancy House Road

5. Decorating with Dry Branches by Live Colorful

I hope you are enjoying the beginning of the new season. Is it getting colder where you live? – Xo, Elba

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  1. onel says:

    Oh, I like that feather garland and *crispy-looking* painted leaves!

  2. Corlie says:

    Love the fall leaves garland! My husband is away this week leaving me loads of time to DIY, think I just found my DIY project for the week 🙂

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