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Office Colors, Where’s My Stapler?

Office Colors

One of the things office users appreciate is a color that creates a nice atmosphere and that makes them feel comfortable and happy for more than just one or two hours a day. For office owners, a color that can help productivity and happy interactions between users is the dream.


Why: blue is one of the most liked colors in the world. It can be relaxing, calming and promotes creativity and harmonious interactions.

Where: It’s a great color for offices with a lot of users and movement. I also recommend it for areas where you need a lot of concentration and creativity.


Why: green is a natural color. It creates a great balance and sense of peace and promotes growth and inspiration.

Where: green is a great color for workspaces in fields related to nature, food and ecology.

Black and white

Why: This amazing and timeless combo is great for minimalism and modern spaces, it transmits elegance, power, and style.

Where: keeping a neutral workspace is great for artist studios, fashion, beauty and technology related workspaces.


Why: It’s a perfect color to grab the attention of users.

Where: In areas like lobbies or conference rooms can be great. I would also recommend using it in small doses, like on a wall that works as a focal point or furniture pieces.

Office Colors

Other great color is gray. Gray is timeless, neutral and work well with most of the colors. You can choose a gray with a bit of blue or a hint of green. Here are some favorites:

Office Colors

Which colors do you like in an office? – Xo, Elba

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