Playing With Color: Paint Samples

How to make color palettes with paint samples

I spend lots of time looking for color inspiration in paint stores. From time to time, when I fall in love with something, I bring it home to enjoy on my cork board above my laptop. I love looking at those bold and magical paint samples everyday.

The other day we had this project from a class I have been taking to work on discovering our color style and making unique color palettes. I discovered how some people get hooked by pastels, others by brights, others by neutrals, others by dark shades, we are so different I love that, but I think that sometimes it can be hard trying new things, you never know, maybe you will discover new color combinations you love.

How to make color palettes with paint samples

I am one of those people that seems to be married to to a select few styles. Don’t get me wrong, I love all the colors, but sometimes I have to try to get new and different color palettes. I catch myself opening Photoshop and using the same color schemes over and over, I go and choose hot pink, mustard yellow and turquoise a lot of the time.

So this time I got some pretty paint samples and started playing with them. I took pictures of all the unusual color combos I loved and I started using them on my surface pattern designs. Give it a try sometime, go get some paint samples and play with all the combos, just for fun, it’s relaxing.

How to make color palettes with paint samples

Here is an example of how you can use a color palette. These are some earrings from my shop inspired by this color palette that I never thought would work until I saw it in the samples. I’m also playing with paint samples to try out new outfits styles.

Playing With Color Earrings from Live Colorful

So now you know, you can make color palettes for your design projects, crafts, outfit decisions or just because you want to pin something colorful on your cork board at the office. Usually I do this on the computer but I discovered that playing with some paint samples is so much easier and fun.

Challenge yourself and try out some new colors this weekend, let me know how you feel! – Xo, Elba

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    Heyy..Have a great time at your class. I have checked the link. The modules are pretty interesting. Good luck dear.

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