Color Splash your Bathroom

Hello! Today I have something special on the blog. Normally Mondays I answer the most asked questions about color, and since I have been asked a lot about colors for bathrooms and the lovely Amber from “The Vanity Room” shared with me some great tips on this topic, I thought that sharing them with you today would be a great idea. Have a lovely beginning of the week and I hope you enjoy Amber’s tips!

 ———————————————————————————————————————Hi I am Amber! I blog over “The Vanity Room” and I love colors. This guest post is about some really interesting colors and ideas you can use to enhance the look of your bathrooms and make them more colorful and vibrant.

Color Splash Your Bathroom


Bathrooms are mostly practical and functional and therefore cannot be reinvented too much. That is to say, a bathroom needs a bath or shower (or both), there must be a toilet nearby, and there must be a basin of some kind. Towels, soap dispensers, face-cloths and other toiletries are a necessity too, to allow us all to look our best during the day. Most bathrooms are quite small, which invariably means that they look cluttered and cramped – so, the instinctive response is to tile and paint the room in light pastel colors or white, in an attempt to open out the room a little. Sadly, often all this achieves is to make a lot of cleaning work (every mark shows against pale tiles and paintwork) and simply enhances the cluttered sensation unless you are rigorous about clearing up after each use. Use the size of the bathroom in your favor and indulge in glorious splashes of your favorite color; the brighter, the better!

Plants are not something generally considered as a bathroom accessory, but a gaily colored plant pot with a vibrant broad-leafed plant can add a tremendous boost to a bathroom. Install a small corner shelf, just big enough for the pot, high above head level so as to use otherwise wasted space and choose a plant that can handle regular changes from warm steamy air to cool, fresh breezes.
Pick out shelving, door jambs and even mirror surrounds in an intensely bright and vivid color. As these points are relatively small you can use the strongest and brightest shade that you can find as there will be no danger of the color swamping the overall theme of your bathroom.
Primary colors against white are always effective, eye-catching and pleasing to the viewer. Pick out points in clear red, bright blue and sunshine yellow and combine them with a clean white finish for a clean and colorful bathroom. Black and white bathrooms also work very effectively, reducing the impact of the glaring whiteness. Be slightly obsessive about matching the color of towels, face cloths and soap dispensers to the colors that you have chosen for your bathroom. When you only have limited space to play out your theme, you must make sure that no other colors or motifs are allowed to creep in, as this can be distracting and reduce the impact of your desired look. Broad stripes, features such as spots or zigzags might be too much in a larger room, but they can add a whimsical touch to a bathroom. Take care when sketching out the stripes or zigzags as the slightest error could result in your delightfully amusing idea turning into a giant optical illusion! It is hard to brush teeth and shave when your head is spinning because the walls seem to be moving!
Think about your three favorite colors and then study your bathroom, looking for accessories that can be updated and deciding where you can add that all-too-necessary splash of color to brighten up your bathroom! So when are you having color splash in your bathroom? 


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