DIY Challenge: A Creative Week

DIY week

It’s time to make something different! Lately I have been spending a lot of time at the computer making boring things and I kind of forgot how fun it is getting my hands dirty with creative projects and blogging about them. So today I decided to challenge myself with a creative, messy, crafty week. I really want to spice up the apartment with fall goodies, leafs, pumpkins, apple cinnamon candles and all that good stuff. I am even planning to do a little makeover to my studio corner to make it look a bit bigger.

So that’s my plan for next week, five DIY projects, one every day this week. Here’s the fun part: I’m planning on doing all this with less than $50 dollars. Every DIY should cost less than $10.

Do you think I’ll make it? Well, we will see.

If you find the time to do any of our DIY projects, feel free to share them with us when you’re done! Leave us comment or a picture of your project on the blog or our facebook page or share your projects using the tag #creativeweek on facebook, twitter or instagram.

That’s it! Make anything you want, some art for the kitchen, repair an old piece of furniture, go thrift hunting, create something awesome with your nails, new hair color? or just get your home ready for halloween or fall like I will do, anything that makes you happy and makes you feel creative and unique.

See you next week! – Xo, Elba

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