DIY: Easy Halloween Pirate Pumpkin

 Easy Halloween Pumpkins

Say hello to Mr. Bandido and Mr. Pirate, they’re vampires by the way!

At first I just wanted to carve some eyes and add some vampire teeth with or pumpkins this year, but when I was shopping I spotted a package of mustaches and eyebrows for Halloween costumes that look pretty funny and just perfect for the pumpkins. The project turned out awesome. I love my new mean-funny little guys.

Halloween project cost: $9 dollars for both pumpkins.

 Easy Halloween Pumpkins


  • Pumpkin $ 3
  • Vampire teeth $ .50
  • Eyebrows $1 for a package of 6 pieces ( you can make your own using a sheet of felt or foam, look for the free template below)
  • Mustaches $1 for a package of 6 pieces (you can make your own using a sheet of felt or foam, look for the free template below)

Eyebrows and mustaches here: Eyebrows and mustaches Template

 Easy Halloween Pumpkins


1. Clean out the pumpkin. Make sure you get out all those seeds!

2. Carve some circles for the eyes and a rectangle for the mouth. The vampire teeth fit perfectly in a rectangle.

3. Glue the eyebrows and mustache to the pumpkin and add the teeth.

4. Personalize your pumpkins! Add a hat to make a Mr. Bandido or a bandana and an eye patch for Mr. pirate, an earring looks cool too!

 Easy Halloween Pumpkins

For the eye patch: Cut a piece of black fabric to make the patch, you can use fabric, paper, felt or foam, make a semi circle and glue it or poke some hole through it for the yarn.

 Easy Halloween Pumpkins

I hope you enjoy them! It was so much fun putting all the pieces together. Don’t forget to share your creative projects using hash tag #creativeweek or just share them with us in the comments below or our Facebook page.

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Awesome pumpkins with character for less than $6 dollars. Link here.

Have a happy Halloween season. – Xo, Elba.

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  1. onel says:

    These pirate pumpkins are so gangster-like but at the same time they are also very cuteee!! 😀

  2. Hola Elba!
    Son geniales estas ideas!!
    tomo nota para mis nietsas 🙂

  3. janika R says:

    This is awesome Elba…Thanks for sharing.

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